Digital University in Albany GA April 30

The Albany Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring a free hands-on workshop on Digital Data modes. This occurs on Saturday April 30 from 9AM to 4PM at Avalon United Methodist Church 3018 Gillionville Road, Albany GA. Talk-in 146.82(-) pl 110.9.

Following the workshop attendees should have the understanding needed and their computers set up or planned so that they can use the digital modes right away. Modes taught will be NBEMS emphasizing fldigi, Winlink system with RMS Express, and D-RATS. If you can bring your computer we will help you to install the programs and make them work. If you can’t bring your computer then a disk will be given you to take home and simply put it onto your computer hard drive. “How-to” lists will also be available.

As we take you through it individually you will then understand the setup procedures. We will have internet (hot spot) and antennas available. Faculty includes Frank Dean K4SJR Digital DEC, Tom Olley, KG4VUB Digital ASEC, and David Benoist AG4ZR, SEC for Georgia.

Queries to Gene; call or text 229-344-1895. We need to know if you will come but there is no fee.

We will have box lunches delivered available from “Heavenly Hams”. If you want to order such the nominal cost is $8. They want me to order a day in advance, but you can pay me for it at the time. Of course you may bring your own “brown sack” lunch if you prefer. This is the center of “Southern Hospitality” so that means a coffee pot will be full and hot.

From Gene Clark W4AYK

March Meeting

The March 2016 club meeting will be held March 5th, starting at 6:00pm
at the Thomas County EOC, on Remington Avenue in Thomasville, GA.

The new schedule for earlier times was motioned and voted on at the
December meeting, because many of us older members have trouble
driving after dark, so the meeting time was changed for the when we
have fall back time of the year only!