October Meeting

The next meeting will be Saturday Oct 3rd at the Hibachi Grill in Thomasville.

As usual the eating will start at 6 pm or so and the meeting will begin at 7 pm.

In addition to bylaw changes and repeater updates, there are many fall events to discuss so be sure to attend to get an idea of what is coming up and to be able to voice your opinion and vote on the items to be decided.

Metcalf Repeater Update

Today we had our climb at the Metcalf site. Jimmy, KK4ZYC, Mike, W4TMC, Austin, KB0HFX, Gerald, KJ4CQO and myself along with a tower crew made the climb about 11:30 this morning. I drew the short straw and was elected to go up the tower.

Metcalf – looking south from 1000 feet


The 147.195 machine with encode / decode of 141.3 is currently running great. The repeater is currently running at low power, 20 watts into the duplexer, which means about 8 watts out to the antenna. The antenna is a DB 224 with four folded dipoles set for Omni directional pattern.

new Metcalf antenna

The reason the system is not running at 100 watts is because the power supply for the Henry Amp died after about 10 minutes of operation. THIS WAS NOT A NEW POWER SUPPLY. This was the power supply from the old 195 system, that was relatively new compared to the old system. While it was up it appeared to be working well.

We are ordering a new Astron continuous duty 50 amp supply. As soon as we are able the new power supply will be installed. Also the electrical breaker system for the site was replaced today while we were up on the platform.

Please use the system as is for a few days and remember the worst of the project is done.

Gary, ka3fzo

looking down from 1000 feet

September Meeting Rescheduled to Saturday Sept 12

The meeting has been rescheduled from Labor Day Weekend and will be held Saturday Sept 12 at the Hibachi Grill in Thomasville, on the corner of US 19 and 319 (Walmart parking lot.)

Come early to eat, around 6 pm. The business meeting will start at 7 pm or so, and Wally KJ4KUK will be presiding in the absence of Gary KA3FZO, who has been deployed to Washington State by the Red Cross due to the fires out there.

All are welcome, you don’t have to be a member to attend.