D-Star Training Academy Feb 6 Tallahassee

Event time is 08:30 EDT to 17:00 EDT Saturday Feb 6th, 2010

Meeting location:

The Tallahassee Automobile Museum located at the I-10 exit #209. The meeting room has wide digital screens around the room and complete audio services. There is no bad seats anywhere.


The NFDG has extended the prepayment date to January 29th, 2010. Several factors figure in to this decision.

1)The meeting hall is rented by the occupancy space needed.
2)Ordinances limit the occupancy for each space rented, three (3) are available.

Those amateurs, who have prepaid by January 29th, will have guaranteed seating for the room we have already rented.

If the prepaid registrations exceed the seating limit of the room now rented, we will rent the next block of space to guarantee seating for those additional registrants.

There is no guarantee at this point for walk-ins or last minute registrations. As long as the seating capacity of the current room(s) rented after January 29th is not filled, walk-ins or last minute registrations are welcome.

Donation payment at the door is USPO money order or cash.

The NFDG does not want to be in a position of turning amateurs away. Please preplan for this event.

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

To register, contact Don, W4DSW@arrl.net.
Please provide Name, Callsign, Street, City, State, Zip, Email and daytime phone #.

Checks and Money Orders should be made payable to:
North Florida Digital Group


  • Describing the actual mode of operation, what it is, how it works, advantages & disadvantages.
  • Learn programming of any D-Star radio using a computer program
  • Learn to field program while on the goUnderstanding callsign routing and its programming
  • Understanding how to set up and do repeater linking
  • Learning about using reflectors, and their usage protocols
  • In-depth instruction on low speed data usage using the UHF & VHF radios
  • In-depth instruction with the ID-1, 1296Mc high speed data and internet access
  • Learning about the D-Rats data program and how to use it
  • Learning to use the DVDongle on a computer to get on the D-Star gateway
  • Introducing the new DVDongle with its own transceiver to provide short range handheld coverage around your shack, up to about 100 yards.
  • Setting up and configuring a D-Star repeater system for internet operation.


There will be ongoing demonstration stations showing

  • HiSpeed Data
  • Using the ID-1, internet usage with the ID-1, using the ID-1 as a WiFi hub
  • LoSpeed data
  • Using UHF/VHF/ID-1 with D-RATS
  • Callsign routing
  • Repeater linking
  • DVDongle


Ray Novak, N9JA | Division Manager – IcomAmerica-Amateur and Receiver Products;

Fred Varian, WD5ERD, IcomAmerica Technical Support & member of K5TIT,

(Texas Intertie Team, who got D-Star started in the USA);

Robin Cutshaw, AA4RC, Developer of the DVDongle(s);

Scott Honaker, N7SS, Educator & author, wrote D-RATS article in QST;

John Davis, WB4QDX, Georgia Section DEC, co-founder of Ga-Dstar.org, assisted getting D-Star on Georgia Public TV towers, co-founder of SE WX net and very experienced in grant writing.

Ed Woodrick, WA4YIH, Georgia Section ADEC, co-founder of Ga-Dstar.org, dstarinfo.com, D-Star calculator, co-founder of the SE WX net, and very experienced on solving technical and operational issues with D-Star.

Buddy Morgan, WB4OMG, ARRL TS, WCF Section. Experienced with weak signal operations, especially in the 1296 band.

Door Prize!

An ICOM 2820 D-Star radio drawing at the close of the session. Winner must be present to win.

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