Congratulations To These New Licensees

From last two test sessions and the related licensing class we are proud to welcome these folks to either their new license or their upgraded privileges:

Week 1 (Feb 20)

Bill Kitchens – new Extra – AJ4WI
Steve Cooper – new General – KD4YUS
Janice Sinclair – New Tech – KJ4SVZ
Cindy Rykard – new Tech – KJ4SWA
Dan Watson – new Tech – KJ4SWB
Allen Brazier – New Tech – KJ4SWC (pending General upgrade from week 2)

Week 2 (Feb 27)

Gary Diehl – new General – KJ4SWE
Ashley Leverett – New Tech – KJ4SWF
Patrick Slaughter – New Tech – KJ4SWG
Dinah Brazier – New Tech – KJ4SWH
Tommy James – New Tech – KJ4SWI
Theresa James – New General – KJ4NBG
Jack Leverett Jr – New General -KJ4NFA
Jack Leverett III – New General – KJ4NFB

Way to go!


Congratulations To These New Licensees — 3 Comments

  1. Us old dudes are proud of the new blood coming into the hobby. Its a great one and I give each of you a big HURRAH for your accomplishments.

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