April Testing Session Apr 10

Due to our participation in the TOSRV bicycle event on our regularly scheduled test day (Apr 17,) we will be holding a test session at the Thomas County EOC on Apr 10, at noon. The EOC is located on Remington Avenue close to the YMCA and Publix shopping center.

Testing is open to all, and testing for all license classes is available. Photo ID, Social Security number (FCC requirement,) and the test fee of $14 are what you need to bring to take your new or upgrade ham radio license exam.

We’ll be operating from the EOC for the Georgia QSO party starting at 2 pm on the 10th, so come take your test AND get some operating in too.


April Testing Session Apr 10 — 1 Comment

  1. Congratulations to Steve Williams of Cairo for becoming a new Tech and also a new TARC member!

    Also congratulations to members KJ4GOJ, W4GNA, KW4EF, K4HRM, and KE4FGF for passing the Emcomm 1 test on Sunday!!

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