TOSRV Bicycling Event – April 17 and 18

April 17th is the return of the TOSRV (Touring Our Scenic Rural Vistas) bike ride which starts in Quincy, and goes to Albany on Saturday and returns via a slightly different route on Sunday. TARC provides communications for this event. All you need to participate is a 2 meter mobile setup.

We will most likely deploy the TARC comm trailer to Sale City which is the end point of our part of the race on Sunday. We will need stations to fill out the route between there and Cairo, which is where our responsibility begins.

Wynona will be signing folks up, or you can let Mike know as well. This is a fun event and will let you know just how well your 2 meter setup actually works, so you new Ops will want to help here too if possible.

More details to follow.


TOSRV Bicycling Event – April 17 and 18 — 3 Comments

  1. Mike and other Ops
    It was good working with you guys on the TOSRV. I like your Comm Trailer set up and I hope it did well on it’s “beta” test. I hope to be at the Radio Reunion this Saturday.


  2. Ken,
    It was also great working with your group to make this a well handled event. I lok forward to seeing you this Saturday…bring some friends…Mike

  3. Thanks to the following stations for handling communications for TOSRV 2010
    Wally, KJ4KUK, John, KE4RWR, Carolyn, KJ4GON, Buddy, WD4CJI, Russell, KF4GBS, Bill, KW4EF, Dawn, KJ4KUJ, Lawrence, KC4LYC, Walt, KI4TFL, Dewey, KI4RGD, Roberta, K4HRM, Kerry, AI4CW, Alan, N4KGT, and new ham Steve Williams…Great job folks!…..Mike

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