Open Invitation to the Radio Reunion April 24

An Open Invitation to the Radio Reunion!

TARC will be hosting the 3rd Annual Radio Reunion on Saturday, April 24th, at 1pm.

For those who aren’t familiar with this event, the Radio Reunion started in 2008 as an event to get several local amateur radio clubs together for an afternoon of fellowship, which includes our families.

All are welcome to attend. Click here for more info and a map.


Open Invitation to the Radio Reunion April 24 — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks to the people who made this another A+ event. All the food was great, and in addition to saying thanks to Buddy for the always excellant BBQ chicken, thank you as well to those of you who did your kitchen magic at home to fill the table with side dishes. We had 4 clubs and 3 ARES groups represented. Hope everyone enjoyed it and are ready to do it again next year!!

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