Pavo Peacock Parade May 8

The big event is this Saturday, May 8. We’ll be providing communication. This event is best served by those with Handi-Talkies, but of course all are welcome and there will most likely be a few extra HTs to go around.

Meet up in Pavo around 9 am. More details on the Thursday night net on the 145.17 Reno repeater.

Wynona promises one of her famous country breakfasts to those who show. That’s reason enough to attend!


Pavo Peacock Parade May 8 — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks to KI4RGD, N4ETA, KJ4KUK, N4KXL, KF4GBS, WD4CJI, KF4HSM, and KE4FGF for handlng this event, which gets us the use of the Pavo Civic Club at no charge for the November Fish Fry. A special thanks to Wynona, KF4HSM for providing a “tailgate breakfast” for the crew…Good Job everyone!!

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