Robert KB4RG Makes It To Texas

Email from Robert to KE4FGF -
I tried to participate in the 3.975 net today but heard nothing. I don’t think the vertical receives as well as the Windom.

I have 114 regional repeaters entered in to two of my radios now.  I found a net while scanning and they connected me to Bexar County ARES.  They use Yahoo Groups to manage their membership so I signed up.  They have 163 members in the county.  Their next meeting is Tuesday night at the EOC and I already have the map to get there.  San Antonio is the primary hurricane evacuation center for the entire Texas gulf coast, so ARES is very active here.  ARES meets monthly and alternates meeting locations between Red Cross headquarters and the EOC.
Hasta luego,
Robert, KB4RG

P.S. I have determined that I can eat at a different Mexican restaurant every day and it will take months before I have to eat at the same one twice.


Robert KB4RG Makes It To Texas — 1 Comment

  1. I had a further email from Robert that said the actual number of Mexican restaurants is 860….

    We all miss you Robert!…

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