Friday Morning Breakfasts

Since there will be no club nets in July to announce this, it’s about time we say something about the friday morning breakfast.

A few months ago a group of us started meeting on Friday mornings for a “radio” breakfast. After a few weeks at Chick Fil-E we gave Grandaddy’s a try and have pretty much settled in there.

8:30 a.m. is the official time though some come a bit earlier and some may show later. It really doesn’t matter as it tends to last a good long while, until the last few who remain are talked out.

This is an informal breakfast and all are welcome to attend.  Grandaddy’s is on the south side of Smith Ave (Hwy 84) between Pinetree Blvd. and 319. There’s plenty of room in the back dining room where we hang out.


Friday Morning Breakfasts — 4 Comments

  1. I’m a frequent attendee of the radio breakfast. The food is good and the prices aren’t bad. The conversation is also great…give it a try!

  2. I enjoy seeing everyone there, but I like to eat! BTW it is fun seeing my friend WA4ISY Chip, b/c it’s the best way to see him. So, you all who I don’t get to see very much, come on down! You can get anything from a biscuit to a full blown breakfast… know what I order! :-)

  3. It is a good way for a new Ham, like myself, to learn about what is going on in the World of radio by just listening to the vets talk about it. The food is good, cheap and the company is great too. See you there?

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