August Licensing Classes

We will be holding both Technician and General class licensing classes on August 14th and August 21st. Location is at Archbold Hospital and the sessions last from 9 to 5 with an hour break for lunch. See below for more info.

Please note you need your book ahead of time to really be prepared for the sessions as, especially for General, there is a lot of material to absorb in two days. Those that do best take the time to review the material ahead of time, take practice tests online between the class sessions, find out what their weak areas are, and concentrate on those areas.

Books can be obtained (at a discount) via Mike, email him at

Mike’s comment below fills in the rest of the details.


August Licensing Classes — 5 Comments

  1. The site for the classes is indeed Archbold Hospital, and parking is in the employee parking lot. You can find it by following the “visitor overflow parking” signs. There is no charge for the class, and tests will be given after both sessions. Test fees are still $14. Parents with kids in the class need to be sure that you have their Social Security number handy as it is required on the paperwork after they pass their tests.

  2. On the map below “A” is the main hospital building. The parking lot you need to use is to the right of the main building. On the map below, the parking lot is right below the Dr of Mimosa Dr.

    View Larger Map

  3. Jerry James took his Tech test after yesterday’s class, and passed with flying colors. Next week, he moves across the hall into the General Class…

  4. Congratulations to Jerry James, KJ4YBQ!!!! Jerry also passed his General class test so he can add a /AG to that new call!!!

  5. Please join me in congratulating the graduates of the August 2010 Classes!!

    Carol Wilson – new Tech
    Don Vollenweider – new Tech
    Jerry James – KJ4YBQ – new General
    Steve Williams – KJ4UKR – new General
    Lynelle Alligood – KJ4VHM – new General
    Thomas James – W4TBJ – new Extra
    Wayne Lambert – KV4IM – new Extra

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