ARRL Southeastern Division Elections

TARC has received email letters from some of the candidates for ARRL Southeastern Division Director and Vice-Director. If you are a member of the league this is a very important position as the directors are the ones who actually attend meetings at ARRL in Newington and represent our Southeastern Division there.

At the meeting Oct 2nd we decided that we were not in a position to endorse any candidate as a club and that individual members who are ARRL members should educate themselves about each candidate and make their own choices. It was decided that publishing the vote appeals of each candidate could not be done on the website in a way that was fair to each party concerned and that our desire was not to alienate any candidate by appearing to favor one over the other in the way a website like ours is structured and the order in which their appeal might be published.

So we are providing the link to the ARRL information page for the election. The link to the election information page at ARRL is here.

The Southeastern Division page is here.

The ballots should be in the mail to all division ARRL members as of Sept 10, 2010, as they were required to be mailed by Oct 1. Ballots are due  Novemeber 19 at the ARRL, so please make sure you mail yours back at least a week before that, by Nov 12.

Please note that ARRL itself cannot endorse any candidate.  TARC is also taking that position. We recommend using the time you have to educate yourself about each candidate, talk to TARC officers and members and ARES officials who have dealt with these individuals, and use online resources (QRZ, Google, ARRL) to find out more on each candidate before you make an educated decision. And when you have, send in your ballot!

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