Boston Mini Marathon October 30th

TARC will be helping run the 31st Annual Boston Mini Marathon again this year. The event is scheduled for October 30th.

Plan to arrive around 7:15 – 7:30am for Wynona’s excellent Tailgate Breakfast. We’ll meet at the convenience store at the corner of Jefferson and Green Streets.

The race starts at 8am, and we’ll need to be deployed before they start. We’ll use the W4UCJ – Boston repeater, which is on 147.24 Mhz., plus offset, with a PL of 141.3 Hz. If you have problems finding us, use this machine for talk-in.

The event is usually over by noon, so you’ll have plenty of time to sample the fare at the festival that follows the race.

The Spaghetti 100 will also arrive around that time, and you should be free to help with that event if you want to.

So, plan on getting up early and joining us in Boston at 7:15 am for a great breakfast and a fun event.


Boston Mini Marathon October 30th — 3 Comments

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  2. Thanks to Wynona, KF4HSM, for starting us with a great Tailgate breakfast!! Also thanks to N7SDQ, N4KXL, K4HRM, KI4PZS, KJ4GWB, KJ4UKR, KE4RWR, KW4EF, KJ4KUJ, KJ4KUK, KJ4GOJ, KC4LYC, KA3FZO, KJ4GON, WD4CJI, and KE4FGF for helping run the event and set up the parade that followed. Great job everyone!!

  3. Thanks to KF4HSM, N7SDQ, N4KXL, KI4PZS, K4HRM, KJ4GWB, KJ4KUK, KE4RWR, KW4EF, KJ4KUJ, KJ4KUK, KC4LYC, KJ4GOJ, KJ4GON, KA3FZO, WD4CJI, AND KE4FGF for helping with this event! Also had another fantastic breakfast provided by Wynona!

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