Fish Fry and Meeting Nov 13

This is the one we’ve been looking forward to…the annual Fish Fry. This event is at the Pavo Civic Center, which is the old school on McDonald Street. We have use of this site for free because of helping set up their annual Peacock Day Parade.

The main dish will be catfish and mullet, and everyone who attends brings side dishes to fill the table out. The cookin’ starts in the afternoon. If you want to come early and hob-nob with the cookin’ crew come on around 4 pm. Normally we eat around 6 pm, and just like usual there will be a short meeting after we’ve stuffed ourselves.

We need to know pretty quickly how many people will be in attendance so we know how many fish to buy. For the last few years, the attendance has been in excess of 100 people, which means we have a LOT of fish. If you haven’t let us know yet, contact either Wynona ( or me ( as soon as you can, with a head count and what you’re bringing as a side dish.

We’ll have our monthly meeting afterwards (no meeting at the Plaza this month), and there are two principal items on the agenda.

First, the Nominations Committee, chaired by our VP, John, KE4RWR, will present a suggested slate of officers for 2011. Nominations from the floor are also taken at that time.

Secondly, we’ll be making an awards presentation for Ham of the Year, Young Ham of the Year, and Military Vet of the Year. Could you be one of these people?…well, you’ll just have to come and see won’t you?

So, that’s it for this month. Again remember that there in NO meeting at the Plaza on the 6th. Our November meeting takes place in Pavo on November 13th, after we finish supper. I hope you are making plans already to gather up your family and join us there for a great supper. We look forward to seeing EVERYONE there!


Fish Fry and Meeting Nov 13 — 1 Comment

  1. Plans are to eat around 6:30. We always plan for 6, but with the amount of fish we cook, we usually run late. Cooking starts at 4pm if you want to help.

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