Severe Weather Preparedness Month


The Severe Weather Tornado Season is upon us.
Georgia Statewide ARES Nets will once again support the National Weather Service and local Emergency Management officials in participating in the following events.
February, 2011 –  Severe Weather Preparedness Month.  Now is the time to prepare.
Feb. 6 – Feb 27   The Statewide ARES Net will be called each Sunday at 5pm by the National Weather Service
February 9.   Statewide Tornado Drill.   Georgia ARES SKYWARN Net on 3975 kHz will be called into action at 8:30 A.M.   The net operations will continue until all checkins and traffic are managed (time unknown).
Many local VHF and UHF nets will be called into service in support of local EMA’s.
All ARES groups and individual amateurs are encouraged to participate in this year’s Severe Weather Preparedness activities.
Charles Pennington, K4GK
Section Traffic Manager,
Georgia ARES Net Manager,
Official Relay Station


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