February Classes on the 19th and 26th

Time for School!

TARC will be holding License classes for aspiring Technicians and General class upgrades on February 19th and 26th at Archbold Memorial Hospital.

The classes (which are free of charge) will run from 9am to 4pm both days and each class will be followed by a test session. Test fees are $14.

If you have a child who wants to become a ham, be aware that the FCC paperwork requires a valid Social Security Number or an FRN (acquired through the FCC) before we can process the paperwork.  Those taking the General class will need a copy of your current license and a picture ID before testing.

Study materials can be had at reduced cost by contacting Mike at ke4fgf@arrl.net , no later than February 11th.

If you are taking the General class it is advised you send an email to Lowell ny4d@arrl.net for an info packet with additional study material.

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