Congrats to KK4AGQ!

Last week, a Test Team, made up of NY4D, KW4EF, and KE4FGF, met at the Thomas County EOC to administer a test to a special applicant.

Cory Altman, was been a member of the Inmate Firefighter Program run by Thomas County Fire Rescue.  He has helped TARC several times in the past with various projects around the EOC, and after seeing what we were doing, expressed interest in getting licensed too.

Current regulations wouldn’t permit that while he was an inmate, but Cory finished “paying his debt” and he returned to civilian life Saturday morning, February 5th.  The first three things he indicated wanting to do were:

1) Get a Haircut
2) Get his Amateur Radio License
3) Have a steak at Longhorn’s

I’m happy to report that all three happened, (and in that order!)  and that Cory is now a Technician class Operator, call sign KK4AGQ.  Though he has moved back home to the Savannah area, we do want to congratulate him on a job well done, and wish him well in his future endeavours.

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