Tailgate Party, the day after…

Hi Folks,

As you know, TARC made the foray into a “tailgate” style hamfest on Saturday, March 12th.  Everyone who attended had nothing but positive comments, and several had so much fun, that they asked when we’d do it again.

The main display was estate equipment once belonging to Jim, KS4JW, and there was a lot of it. When the smoke cleared, much of it had found new homes, but there are still radios and some side items left.

The radios will appear shortly in the “Bone-yard” section of this website, and you’ll need to contact me at ke4fgf@surfsouth.com for pricing if you’re interested in obtaining any of it.  If you have a particular need of something other than a radio, also let me know and if it’s in the “leftovers” we can discuss.

Thanks also go out to the “vendors” who set up outside. If you have second thoughts about acquiring something from there, I do know who was out there and can get you in contact with them for an “after the fact” purchase.

Will we do this again? Most of the officers were present yesterday and our consensus says “YES” in a big way. We all enjoyed the event, and I think we can start looking at ways to grow it up and maybe one day, it’ll become a full grown Ham-fest like this club did way back when.

Again thanks to all who took part, and watch for the radio listings in the boneyard in the next few days….

                                                                                         73 de Mike

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