New AA4P repeater on line in Moultrie!

The Colquitt County Ham Radio Society has a new Yaesu repeater on line using their club call, AA4P.

The repeater is on 146.79 MHz. with a minus offset and a 141.3 Hz. tone.  Clyde Scott, W4CCS, is asking everyone who will to give the system a try so they’ll get an idea what kind of coverage they have with their new system.


New AA4P repeater on line in Moultrie! — 4 Comments

  1. This repeater sounds really good all the way down here in Northern FL! Don’t know its height or power – but it is really good to listen to.

  2. I live 4 miles south of Cairo on Hwy 111 South, and received repeater about 1/2 meter reading. Talked with Thomas James mobile and had good copy on him. Could pass traffic if needed too.


  3. Heard the AA4P .79 machine pretty clearly in Charleston SC this morning. Looks like about 250 miles, give-or-take.

    Robert KV4LV
    On the Cooper River

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