Spring SET is April 2nd

Georgia will be participating with all three Florida Sections in a Spring Simulated Emergency Test on Saturday, April 2nd, starting at 9am.  All ARES members are requested to check in at least once on the state ARES Net on 3.975 MHz., and non-ARES Hams are also welcome to listen and check in as well.

GAARES Statewide Net operations begin at 9am local, on 3.975 MHz. LSB.  Nightly test message “advisories” will be passed as traffic on the Ga-SSB Net each night at 7pm, also on 3.975 MHz.

This exercise will be handled as a tabletop, where hospital and EOC stations may actually be a home station. The reason for this is that there wasn’t enough time to fully develop this, plus current gas prices are just too high to ask people to be driving all over the place. It should also be a good indicator of how well our home stations perform.

So why are we doing this? The North Florida Section wanted to work on some problems they found in October, but  the major benefit will be for the South Florida and West Central Florida Sections, who, due to hurricane season, don’t participate in the nationwide annual SET in October. They worry that if they do participate, they might face an actual emergency right afterwards, and their people will be burned out when they need to be at their best.

Georgia had a really great showing in October, but it’s always a good idea to practice whenever possible,  so here we are.  The short time we’ve had to prepare should tell us a few things about how well off we really are. If this becomes an annual event, the planning will be put into place a lot earlier than this time out.

Either way, your participation is appreciated. More local information will be available on the SW District ARES Net, which takes place Thursday nights at 9pm on the 145.17 MHz. repeater.  To read more about the statewide effort, have a look at  http://gaares.org/ga-ares-news/ and at http://www.arrl-ga.org/2011%20Spring%20SET.pdf

If I can help, please email me at ke4fgf@arrl.net

73 de Mike, KE4FGF, GA-SEC

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