TARC ” Recipe Cookbook” planned!

Dana, KJ4GWB, and Theresa, KJ4NBG, are working on plans to have a “TARC Cookbook” featuring recipes, pictures, and club facts and anecdotes for publication later this year.

If you have recipes for some of the dishes we see at various club functions, share them and you’ll see them in print. If you have pictures of the finished dish, that’d be great too (or simply bring them to Field Day and we’ll make pictures before we dive in).

Any good stories about club events or things that have happened are also welcome as are photos from events long past.

You can email the recipes to Dana at dswicord@bellsouth.net  or Theresa at tbjames2@yahoo.com

Thanks to Dana and Theresa for coming up with this  idea and running with it!!


TARC ” Recipe Cookbook” planned! — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks to Bill and Dawn for helping get the cook book kicked off by sending in some recipes. Thanks guys.

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