Spring SET State results


The Spring Simulated Emergency Test (S.E.T.) was held April 2, simulating the strike of a major Hurricane effecting most of the State of Georgia.
Local and Statewide ARES Nets were called into action in support of public need and emergency management officials.
In addition to the state and section wide nets, Many local VHF and UHF nets were activated. Relationships with adjacent states and sections were established.
The Georgia ARES Statewide (HF) Net was activated at 9:00 A.M. on the frequency of 3975 KHz.  A total of 456 checkins were recorded during the various sessions which continued until 1:30 P.M.  A total of 94 Georgia counties were reported to be active during the event.   A total of 12 additional states were reported into the Net.
The Georgia D-Star Digital Voice (DV) system was activated with a total of 65 checkins reporting.
Checkins were accepted via the Georgia WINLINK Digital System with a total of 35 stations active on that mode.
The Georgia Digital (PSK31) Net was called into a special session with 26 stations checking in on 3583 KHz.
The Georgia State (CW) Net also operated with two sessions reported during the day on Morse Code.  12 Stations were QNI on the CW net.
Relationships were established with three National Weather Service offices.  Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) was involved in the drill with the State Operations Center participating.
Other clients involved in the excercise included:   Georgia State Patrol, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief, and several local Emergency Management Agencies (EMA). Several hospitals were also reported on various nets.
Amateur Volunteers responded throughout the state/section with outstanding performance.   It is only through the support of these many volunteers that ARES remains ready to respond to any public need.  Thank you all.
Charles Pennington, K4GK
Section Traffic Manager
ARES Net Manager

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