Gina, the Chinese Connection…


It’s 7:12 pm here and we’re unwinding. We hiked and I mean hiked up to a huge monastery here that has 1000 rooms.

It took an hour to get up there …….500 very uneven steps  and spaced in between the steps were flag stone walk ways. We all had to stop every so often to catch our breath. I checked my pulse when we got to the top and it was 120/minute and we’re at 12,000 feet. 

The inside was pretty impressive but we were not allowed to take pictures inside. It’s an active monastery so no pictures. I’m/ we’re really tired of the food by now and would give anything for a Wendy hamburger :) ROFL

 Tibet is an interesting place. I’ve had my picture taken 3 times……they come up to you and point at the camera…and of course I said yes. It seems there aren’t many people with gray hair here. Lots of native dress…there are 4 minorities and lots of soldiers. Tibet is on the border with India…hence the soldiers.

  We’ll be here through tomorrow night and will have internet. There’s an Internet Cafe directly under our room so we have free wireless…no one else in our group does. A couple of people brought Iphones…..which seem to be not worth a darn.

Hope everybody is fine !!!

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