Gina’s Excellant Adventure – continued


 Here we are , on a cruise ship on the Yangtze River. There was some kind of mixup and we were elevated to a suite.

It’s quite good with a good mattress (all of the other beds felt like we were sleeping on boards). 2 TVs with CNN, HBO etc in English for a change. The ship is run by an American company and we’re finally getting some decent food :)

We went to a place where whole towns were relocated due to the building of the dam. All houses ( and all over China for that matter) there were very few toilets like ours at home. We went into a very nice restaurant that had the “hole in the floor” toilet….called Eastern.

We are all on the lookout for Western toilets where ever we stop .The cruise ship makes a stop every day so that we can see the relocated village. We’ll also be going  through the locks on the river.

 According to our guides, there are very few ham operators here. Evidently it involves quite a lot of red tape.
 We’re on the ship for 3 nights and then we’ll go on to Hong Kong.
Hi to All….Gina

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