Gina’s Excellant Adventure, Part III


Today is Sunday (I think) so Happy Easter. A very special day to remember a special event .

   Last night on the cruise portion of the trip we went through the Locks (Yangtze River) and headed down to Wuhan. We entered the first lock about 11:15 pm and there were already 2 cruise ships (medium size) inside. We waited for a fourth. We sat side by side and were able to touch the other ship with our hands.. Some fantastic maneuvering by the ship captains.
The doors closed slowly and the water level lowered rather quickly from 160 meters to 135 meters . The other end of the lock then opened and I was thinking I was going to get to go to sleep only to find we were entering another lock. I had heard it would take about 4 hours for the whole process so I DID go to sleep. I think it was about an hour and a half to complete the first lock.
   We now are awake ( 6 am) and docked  and after eating breakfast will drive to see the Yangtze Dam which has a hydro electric facility. After that we board and head to Wuhan by bus (4-6 hours) and will board a plane for Hong Kong..
I think one of the most interesting sights I have seen on this trip is the Yaks grazing free on the side of the road in Tibet. It seems they are tagged on the ear just like cattle ….and no one gets upset if they wander around.
  Hong Kong should be quite interesting…I’m really looking forward to it.  That’s all for now

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