APRS Class a Hit!

TARC held its first “Monthly Class Session” at the EOC following the May Test Session. Our first class was an introduction to APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System).

Club VP, John, KE4RWR, brought in his own equipment and led a discussion on what APRS is, how it works and what it’s uses are.

Most of the students also brought in their own gear, and after the discussion, John helped everyone get their gear properly interfaced and operational.  Everyone indicated they’d had a lot of fun learning more about this mode.

This was our first try at a “Hands-On” type class, and it’s success opens the door for more of the same.  If you have a mode you want to know more about, or anything else radio related, like soldering or installing connectors, let any of the club officers know, and we’ll make arrangments for a class and instructor.

Thanks to John for leading this class and getting us started out on a new adventure!

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