Note from K4GK…


Many amateur radio groups will spring into activity this weekend for the ARRL Annual Field Day event.  Field Day is the most popular single event in ham radio for North America.
One of the purposes of FD is training.  This year will again create a training  opportunity to pass formal message traffic in the National Traffic System (NTS).
Field Day groups can claim an additional 100 bonus points for passing a message to the Section Manager (SM).  In order to claim the bonus points, FD participants are reminded of the rule that the message must be passed on amateur radio frequencies and leave the Field Day site by Amateur Radio.  Sorry, Internet, email, twitter, cellphone,etc. will not count for the Bonus Points.
During Field Day weekend all Section Nets will operate as scheduled to perform as a vehicle to relay the Field Messages.  Please note that DELIVERY of these messages can be made by traditional means. which would include email, telephone, etc.  Any remaining Field Day messages undelivered from Saturday evening will be handled and delivered on our traditional Sunday nets including the Georgia Statewide ARES HF Net.  Also note that messages must ORIGINATE during normal Field Day hours of  operations but could be DELIVERED after Field Day is over.
Best wishes to all amateur groups in the Georgia Section for a successful Field Day.  Let’s have fun, and have a safe Field Day.
Charles Pennington, K4GK
Section Traffic Manager
Georgia Section
p.s.  Listen for me as W4M (Milledgeville Amateur Radio Club) during Field Day.


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