Bob Moody, the early days

  Milledgeville amateur radio operators continue to be active for almost 60 years in the annual ARRL Field Day event.

In 1953, a group of young ham radio operators from the GMC Ham Radio Club operated Field Day for the first time.
See the attached picture of some of the group which was published in the GMC Yearbook “Recall.”  All of the group which was licensed at the time continue to be active today!
Bill Curry, W4RXY, is now W5CQ.  Hank Falvey, W4TRZ, is now W0BHX.  Marion Kitchens, is now K4GOK (God Only Knows).
In the picture, Bob Moody was the guy talking in to the U.S.ARMY, A/N PRC-6 walkie talkie, which was known as a “prick six.”   Bob was licensed a few months later as W4WSZ.  He was the elmer to Charles Pennington, K4GK, a few years after that.
We hope to see you all at the Milledgeville club Field Day this weekend to keep the tradition alive.
de K4GK


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  1. Wow !! Found this a few minutes ago while surffing the Net.

    What fond memories…

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