TARC July Vacation


The “TARC Kids” have the right idea…time to kick off our shoes and take a rest from radio stuff. 

We take the month of July off following the stress of the Field Day operation and everything else we’ve done so far in 2011. That means there is no club meeting, no midmonth breakfast, no test session and no Nets on Thursday nights.

The Friday Morning Ragchew Breakfasts do continue however, and if a situation develops that requires the attention of our various county ARES groups, we’d certainly call an ARES Net into session.

So, enjoy a month off from anything club related, and we’ll jump back in the saddle in August with the Nets resuming on August 4th, and the monthly club meeting on the 6th.  

Have a great Summer!!


TARC July Vacation — 1 Comment

  1. Special Thanks to two who added so much to this year’s event, in addition to so many regulars that cause it all to happen:
    William “Ray” Kornegay N4APO for over twelve hours cooking the meats.
    Dana Swicord KJ4GWB, whose feet never stopped hitting the floor trying to coordinate the greatest possible “delivery” of our feast.
    Our hats are off to both of you for your contribution!

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