A note from Gary…

Please keep Lori, Gary, and their family in your prayers…read on…


Hi Mike and our TARC Family,

 Just wanted to let you know what was happening here in South Bend with  Lori’s brother.

 Dana is currently in a morphine induced quiet state. While he is in a lot of pain, he can no longer really feel anything the Hospice people tell us. He has cancer throughout his body, and after fighting it with bone marrow transplants and chemo, radiation and whatever else they could offer, he finally gave in after over 3 years of fighting.

 Last night he awoke briefly wanting to go to our place in Florida  to go “Gator Hunting,” before passing back into his la-la state.

 The saddest part I think has been watching his pet Rat Terrier named “Bruzer,” lay by his side. He will only let certain people near his master of 10 years. The poor animal has not eaten in days, while we try giving him Beggin Strips, Milk Bones and even people food the poor dog just will not eat. He himself started throwing up this morning, so we have spent most the last 24 hrs with the little guy taking turns holding and petting his little head.  One of Dana’s friends expressed interest in taking the little guy home and keeping him but I think Lori is leaning to bringing Bruzer back for out Libby to have as a playmate.

Lori’s brother Ken who is an active duty Senior Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force, currently stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan, with the help of the Red Cross was able to get home to be with his brother and family. Ken will be leaving next Thursday to return to the battle zone.  

 Thanks again for your prayers, and emails and phone calls, with regards to offers of help and suggestions.

 Bye for now…Gary and Lori

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