The Return of 195

I’m happy to report that our 147.195 Repeater has returned home to it’s post on the WCTV tower in Metcalf.

The repeater is mounted on the 1000′ platform in a weatherproof box and has separate transmit and receive antennas at  that height.

For programming purposes, 147.195 has a positive (+) offset, and a PL tone of 141.3 Hz.  

We have a few more things to do to the system, but it is currently operational, so please give it a try and see what you think.

We will hold an ARES Net here to test things out a bit more at 8pm on Thursday, July 21st (immediately following the HF Weather Net), so please program your radios and plan to join us. You don’t have to be an ARES member to take part.

Many thanks to Scott Haner, KB0Y, for doing the repair work, to Bill Benton, KJ4MKI, for doing the tower work, and to John Swicord, KE4RWR, for getting everything together to make this happen.  

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