The W4UCJ Repeater System

After a long period, the “W4UCJ Repeater System” is finally all operational at the same time.  That means you currently have 5 repeaters, four 2-meter machines and one 440 machine at your beck and call.  I thought you might be interested in the machines themselves and their locations, so here they are.


147.06 Machine (+ offset, no PL) – Located at the FEMA office on Pinetree Blvd on the south side of town. This is a Yaesu repeater with a top mounted vertical antenna at around 250′. This site has emergency power. This was TARC’s original repeater.

147.24 Machine (+ offset, PL 141.3) – Located in Boston at the WTUF site. This is also a Yaesu repeater and was the original 147.195 machine.  This has a side mount Sinclair repeater antenna at around 150′.  Though the site doesn’t have emergency power, we are hopeful that the new owners, a tower holding company, might add one.

147.195 Machine (+ offset, PL 141.3) – Located in Metcalf on the WCTV tower. Both the GE commercial machine and its  twin antennas are on the 1000′ platform. This site is emergency powered.

146.865 Machine (- offset, PL 141.3) – Located at the Thomas County EOC. This is a Hamtronics machine with an X-50 Diamond vertical at 80′.  The system also has several remote links that could be deployed to help with coverage. This site is emergency powered.

442.00 Machine (+ offset, PL 141.3) - Located at the Thomas County EOC. This Hamtronics machine shares the X-50 antenna with the 2 meter machine, and both machines can be linked together in emergencies.  The site has emergency power. 

Though TARC doesn’t own them, there are also 3 D-Star repeaters located at Archbold under the callsign KJ4PYB, that are open for our use, and TARC is the designated “watchdog” over the system, which has 2 meter, 70cm, and 1.2 Gig “decks.” This site also has emergency power.

Let’s also not forget that Nirmal, KE4URL, has made the Reno machine on 145.17 MHz. available for club purposes for years, and that has certainly been appreciated.

I don’t have to tell you that having access to 9 repeaters in an area the size of Thomasville is unusual. I think we are all proud of how our repeater system has come together!



The W4UCJ Repeater System — 2 Comments

  1. Was at the inlaws this weekend, Nashville, GA. Hitting the repeater at 5W, with solid copy at 25W from my truck in Glenda Fae’s driveway. Rig is an FT-7800 with a 2.1 dB gain antenna mounted on top of a bed rail in my Tacoma. The distance as the crow flies was about 58 air miles. Was hearing the output sporadically almost to Hinesville, GA on the way home today. Incredible coverage! Thanks for this service.

    Philip Neidlinger

  2. Your 147.195 repeater has a tremendous footprint. I receive it here consistantly, throughout the day. My QTH is about 25 miles east of Panama City, a little town called Wewahitchka. I run a Diamond V-2000 antenna up at about 50 ft., so nothing fancy, beams or anything like that. Good job and from your website a great club you have. Thanks, de W4EWA, Jim

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