DX from the Islands!!

DX from St Croix

 WN4AMO and N0TW will be operating from St Croix from Aug 4 to Aug 9 using the callsign  KP2M.  They will be participating in the 10-10 International Summer QSO Party on Aug 6 and 7. Look for Terry and Paul on 10 meters – Terry running SSB and Paul on PSK31.

 Their base of Operation is Radio Reef, a cabin equipped with plenty of antennas, towers, radios, etc.

 For anyone wanting more information – check out the website www.radioreef.com


DX from the Islands!! — 1 Comment

  1. What a beautiful place to operate DX from. Would love to be able to be there. Might not want to come back though! All I need is my bucket of Corona, some Jimmy Buffet and some Alan Jackson music, some ice and a nice looking lady and my “Radios” of course. HI HI. Have a lot of fun on the Island people. I wish you a lot of luck. Make lots of contacts. 73, de WA6TWJ SK :) Dave

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