August Classes now include Amateur Extra!

Hi All,

We now have Terry, N0TW signed up to teach a class on Amateur Extra, in case you want to upgrade from General.

This class will also be taught on August 20th and 27th. 

A number of you have asked for this class, so here’s your chance.

So far the sign ups are:

Tech – Abby Leverett, Taylor James, Kyle Swicord, Brian Doering

General – Henry Leverett, Ashley Leverett, Wally Guynn, Walt Hendricks

Extra – Jeff Hearn, Tommy James, Eleanor Doering, John Swicord

I need to know by August 8th, as to whether you need study guides, so I will have time to get them ordered in. As an Instructor, I can get them cheaper than you can buy them. If you prefer to order your own, we’re using the ARRL Q&A Manuals, because the simplified version of “why this is the right answer” is right there with the question. The Q&A Manual is also about $10 cheaper than the full version manual.

Remember that if you are taking the General class , that it has a new question pool, and if your current book pre-dates July 1st, 2011, it’s out of date.

So, please check your calender and let me know as soon as you can that you’re coming…it’ll be a lot of fun!….Mike


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