The Leveretts are now all Hams!



The Leveretts have become a true “Ham Family” after TARC’s August classes.  Abbie, age 8 got her Technician license on the second Saturday.

Older brother Henry, KJ4VHK, age 10, is a Tech, and oldest brother Jackson, KJ4NFB, who is 11, passed his Extra test at the same test session along with their mother, Ashley, KJ4SWF, who passed her General.

Abbie’s dad, Jay, KJ4NFA , is a General class Op, and was the one who got the family involved with Amateur Radio. He and Jackson sat in on the first class TARC held at the hospital, and got their Tech licenses together, resulting in those sequential callsigns.

Henry is working hard on his General upgrade, and Jay indicates he is also the family’s best code operator. They keep a keyer in the family room, and just about every time Henry walks through, he stops and runs his “ABCs” on the keyer. He may well prove to be our next “CW Star” at Field Day.

This just goes to show that the family who studies together, upgrades together…Bravo Leveretts!!!


The Leveretts are now all Hams! — 3 Comments

  1. Looks like Dad will have to get busy and take the Extra Exam?

    Congratulations to the entire family. That is quite a feat!

  2. Now that’s keeping it all in the Family. Congratulations to each and every one of them. WOW!!!…just think….their very own Ham Club.

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