August Classes have great results!

The TARC August 2011 classes are over and we had really great results.

The following people are new Hams:

Abbie Leverett – New Tech – KK4DZA

Lynn Terry – New Tech –  KK4DXB

Brian Doering – New Tech – KK4DZB


The following people received upgrades to their licenses:


Ashley Leverett, KJ4SWF - New General

Jackson Leverett, KJ4NFB – New Extra

Mary Saunders, KI4JOO – New Extra

Jeff Hearn, KK4APP – New Extra

It was particularly gratifying to see several young hams crack open the books and get involved. Abbie Leverett, Taylor James, and Kyle Swicord were in the Tech Class, Henry Leverett was in the General Class, and Jackson Leverett and Tommy James were in the Extra class. 

Of those, Abbie Leverett is a new Tech  and her brother Jackson is a new Extra! Pictured above with Mike, KE4FGF, Abbie is 8 years old and Jackson is 11…isn’t that great?

Taylor, Kyle, Henry, and Tommy elected to study some more, and we hope to see them at a future test session.

The next classes will take place early next year. We’d like to thank Zach, KJ4LOO, Lowell, NY4D, Thomas, W4TBJ, Terry, N0TW, and Mike, KE4FGF for teaching the classes.

We also recognize Kerry, AI4CW, Steve, KJ4UKR, Alan, N4KGT, Theresa, KJ4NBG, Thomas, W4TBJ, Terry, N0TW, Bill, KW4EF, Lowell, NY4D, Bobby, N4KXL, and Mike, KE4FGF for proctoring the test sessions that followed each class.  

Additionally, Mary, KI4JOO, Jeff, KK4APP, Gene, W4AYK, and John, KA1LQE (Lynn’s husband) are signing up to join our VE-Team. Their additions will bring the team up to 38 active VEs!! 

We also say special thanks to John, KE4RWR, who arranges the classrooms for us, and to everyone else who played a supporting role in mentoring the students and to Dana, Bill, Dawn, Walt, and all the others who brought in food and refreshments.

Great job Everyone!!!

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