KJ4SWI – NCS and ADEC-Youth.

We mentioned at the last meeting that Tommy, KJ4SWI, had been chosen to be the Net Control for a new Kid’s Net, that will start on the first Tuesday of 2012.  That’s a pretty responsible position, as it makes Tommy the foremost spokesperson for the Amateur Radio Youth of Southwest Georgia.

To reflect the importance of the position, Tommy has also been promoted to “ADEC-Youth” for the SW Georgia ARES District.

I recieved the following email (below) a few weeks back, and it underlines the fact that Tommy is the right choice for this important position.

Congratulations Tommy, and we all know you’ll do great things with your new position…Mike 



I want to tell you about a “Classic” we had on our net the other night.  Mac, AI4TE, had a throat problem, so he asked Tommy, KJ4SWI, to call the net. 

Tommy had called it once before when Mac was out of town, so he went right into it on time at 8:30.  He got nine other check-ins and then started calling one each one for comments.  He called K4APC,” Mister  Duncan” (as he usually addresses me), then AI4TE,” Mister Mac,” then W4AYK,” Doctor Gene,” then W4TBJ, and without any hesitation,” DAD” (I was waiting for Thomas, of course),  then KJ4NBG,” MOM.” 

By then I knew that he was totally “ON FREQUENCY” and on task.  Of course, Thomas and Theresa were sitting right across the mic from him (as they said when they responded), so, to me it was a very special net! 

Your  Young Ham of the Year really Made My Day!


Duncan, K4APC

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