195 Update



We’ve made another visit to the 195 repeater in Metcalf. Jumpers have been changed out, and a UPS added to help protect against incoming power surges.

The squelch was a bit loose, and has been tightened. Even with that adjustment, interference continued to be a problem, and so the X-50 vertical was put back into service. It actually mounts below the platform, which provides it some  protection from the RF that is rampant at that altitude.

We also noted that the commercial receive antenna is on the east side of the tower, which was probably causing the western coverage problems, due to the tower “shadowing” the signal.

We also agreed to return when we have more time, and have the radio stations shut down briefly to see which station is causing the interference, and then we can then filter the input more specifically against that frequency.

So, please do use it for the time being. It’s “maintaining it’s composure” right now. We do need to know how it’s reacting to various conditions.




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