New Hams and Upgrades

We’ve got a number of new hams and upgrades following the  TARC Upgrade classes on February 18th and 25th.

Christopher Welsh (pictured above) took his test a week early and is now on the air as KK4GVV.

The Day-1 Test Session added:

Marilyn Webb, KK4HHL – New Tech
Craig Nalls, KK4HHK - New Tech
Alan Slaughter, KG4GAV – New General
Robbie Pitts, KK4FGM – New General
Junior Odum, KC4VPJ – New General
Eleanor Doering, AK4QW – New Extra

The Day-2 Test Session added:

Todd Hornsby – KK4HXW- New Tech
Matthew Thompson – KK4HXX- New Tech
Charles Gaylor – KK4HXY – New Tech
Richard Bochkay – KK4HXZ – New Tech
Sarah Anderson – KK4HYA – New Tech
Leann Doering – KK4HYB – New Tech
Brian Doering, KK4DZB – New General
Linda Gross, KA6SPS – New General
Andy Clark – KK4HYC –  New General
John Hanbury, KC4EMS – New Extra
Jimmie Anderson, W4FAO – New Extra
Jay Jordan, KJ4AFW – New Extra
Richard Schmitt, KJ4ZOC – New Extra

Congratulations to all these fine folks, and we look forward to hearing you on the air in a few days!

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