March Test Session moves

As we have the TARC Tailgate Hamfest coming up on March 31st, the March Test Session will be moving to that event for this month only. There will be no session at the EOC on March 17th.

The time for the session is 10am and we will be located in the Social Hall of the Morningside Methodist Church at the corner of Pinetree Boulevard and Smith Avenue.

Cost remains at $14 and if you are the parent of a child who wants to test, you’ll need to have their Social Security Number for the FCC paperwork.

Walk-Ins are welcome at all our Test Sessions; you don’t have to sign up beforehand.

We look forward to seeing you there!


March Test Session moves — 3 Comments

  1. Whats the street number so I can put into my GPS, What Time does the ham fest start. Im interested in getting some equipment, As well Where can I get A study guide to get ready for the test? I would like to take the general class test. and get back into the radio. but at this time I am clueless on the question pool, as well as the study material, there has been some changes since Ive been out of the loop. I would like to study up on these as well. I hope that some one can help bless you. :))

  2. The hamfest is at 2007 Smith Avenue, Thomasville, GA, at Morningside Methodist Church and will start around 8 am.

    ARRL info will be at the location. New licensees must start with the Technician class license. I’ll ask Mike Brown KE4FGF if he has any study guides left from the last licensing class.

    See you on the 31st. We’ll make sure you get the information you need.

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