Final Resting Place…

I know most of you remember Ray Prim, KD4VQS, who left us a few years ago, following a long illness.

Several of us attended the funeral service at the Military Cemetery in Bushnell, but the actual interment of his urn took place later.

A couple of friends of Ray’s, Bob and Linda Geers, visited the cemetery recently and after some difficulty, found where Ray’s final resting place was.

We appreciate the Geers for sending us a picture of what they found, and it reminds us of the good memories of a  friend who has gone on ahead….



Final Resting Place… — 1 Comment

  1. With only the information from the locator, Ray ( we could almost see him smiling) led us on a pretty good chase to find him, but we called Ted and he had the missing clue! We were glad to finally make a visit, could not attend the funeral service.

    Bob Geers WX2G (USMC)

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