April Test Session Update

Hi All,

The TARC VE Team  held our monthly test session at the Thomas County EOC on April 21st at 10am.

Two people showed up, one for a new license, and one for an upgrade.

Arthur Burnley, KK4IPC, got his General license after being a Tech for about 15 minutes, at our session at the Tailgate Hamfest. He wanted to finish the trip and did so in fine style, earning his Extra class ticket.

Arthur’s new call is Ak4UF.

Brian Hesler, a civilian contractor working at Moody AFB has a lot of friends who are Hams, and wanted to join in the fun. He did so with a perfect score on his Tech test!! Brian is from Fredericksburg, VA.

Brian’s new call is KK4JBA.

Congratulations to both these fine gentlemen, and thanks to Steve, KJ4UKR, Bill, KW4EF, Alan, N4KGT, and Mike, KE4FGF, who made up the VE Team.

The next session will be held at the Thomas County EOC on May 19th, at 10am. We hope you will hit the books and get YOUR upgrade!! 

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