Albany Tech Class

Hi All,

The Albany ARC will sponsor a Technician Class on June 9th. The schedule follows:
Class:  Saturday, June 9, 2012
Place:  Phoebe North Meeting Room
Cost:   $50.00 (Study book and exam fee)  ($20.00 if student has his/hers current book)
Time:  8:00am, for registration and collection of fees
Time:  8:30am Class starts
Subject time:  Each chapter averages 30 to 45 minutes.
Breaks:  Shown on chapter schedule

8:30 Chapter 1 – Welcome to Amateur Radio – Bob, K4PHE
9:15 Chapter 2 – Radio and Signals – Leon, K4GCR
Break 10 Minutes
10:15 Chapter 3 – Electricity, Components, and Circuits – Leon, K4GCR
11:15 Chapter 4 – Propagation, Antennas, and Feed Lines – Gene, W4AYK                      
Lunch – 45 minutes    
12:45 Chapter 5 – Amateur Radio Equipment – Tom, AC5MR
1:30 Chapter 6 – Communicating With Other Hams – Bob, K4PHE
2:15 Chapter 7 – Licensing Regulations  – Joe, WG4JOE
Break 10 minutes
3:15 Chapter 8 – Operating Regulations – Jerry, W5VRV
4:00 Chapter 9 - Safety – Tom, AC5MR
Review Questions 15 minutes 

Class Session ends at 5:00pm and the Test Session begins. Other test sessions will be available later if students are not ready to test on Class day.

If you have questions give me a call
435-9634 (home) or 881-0390 (cell)
73, and thanks,


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  2. I was searching for Amateur radio equipment and found your blog. Really nice article though. Please keep posting about these things. Thanks, Alexandra.

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