With this ring….

It is with great happiness that I report to you that Zach, KJ4LOO, has asked his girlfriend, Cassidy, to marry him and she has accepted!!

It’s really great to see one of our young folks take this step…makes us all feel like proud Aunts and Uncles, doesn’t it?

Our congratulations and warmest thoughts are with this young couple as they chart the course for their new life together!


With this ring…. — 5 Comments

  1. Zach & Cassidy

    Marilyn and I are so happy for both of you.
    We wish you lots of happiness together.

    Terry & Marilyn Webb

  2. Rachel and I wish you all the happiness, prosperity and health

    Good on both of you……….

  3. The very best to the both of you……….taking a partner for life is rewarding.

    Sal Martocci

  4. Congrats young Man, and to the young Lady as well. Good luck on the life you two have committed to with each other!

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