Military Honor Roll

The following people who are either TARC Members or their relatives are Military Vets…some still with us, some are “silent keys.”

Our club finds it both fitting and necessary to list them to hon0r their sacrifice for our country and us.

Billy Joe Lewis – US Army
Ken Lanter, US Navy
Joe Carroll – US Navy
Lawrence McCuthin – US Army
Walter Childs – USAF
F.W. Donovan Jr.,US Army
E. O’Dell Williams – US Navy
Jimmy D. Wetherington, Captain, USAF
Ray Prim, KD4VQS, US Marine Corps
Ray Hendricks – US Marine Corps
Howard Cooper – US Navy
Edna Earle Carroll –Lt. US Army, Nursing Corps
Fred Brown – Sergeant, US Army
Charles N. Fiering – Sergeant. US Army
Louis Carlton Hassler, Sgt. U.S. Army Signal Corps
Dwight Harvey, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Infantry
Wayne Lambert, Sr., Brigadier General, US AF
B. Shane Lambert, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army
Dana Smith, Petty Officer, US Navy
Dorinda Smith Lambert. Captain, US Army
Wayne Lambert, jr., Captain, US Army, Field Artillery
Howard Young, US Navy
James B. Pinson, US Air Force
John G. Blanton, US Navy
Al Blaisdell Jr – US Army
Anita Blaisdell Blanton – US Navy WAVE
Steve Williams – US Navy
Mac McCleery – US Navy
Terry Webb – US Navy
Bob Moody – USAF
Bill Kitchens – US Coast Guard
William Kornegay – US Army
Dan Farnsworth – US Army Signal Corps
Virgil Castleberry – US Army
Amy Castleberry – USAF
Jeff Hearn – USMC
Robbie Pitts – US Army
Ray Mote – USMC and USAF
Angie Mote – USAF
John Godbehere – US Navy
Steve Godbehere – US Navy
Charles McPherson – US Army
Art Allman – USAF
Wendell Prince – US Army
Robby Cooper – US Navy
William Kornegay Sr. – US Army
Jerry James – USAF
Winfred Bidwell – US Army Air Corp
William Kitchens – US Navy


Military Honor Roll — 1 Comment

  1. Our prayer

    To those who have fallen, your peace has come to you.

    To those still with us, a healthy, prosperous and peaceful future.

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