President Emeritus W4ZDP

Congratulations to our Founder, Billy Joe Lewis, W4ZDP, on being named “President Emeritus” of our club at the Field Day 2012 exercise.

Billy Joe was Treasurer of the club for 48 consecutive years, before stepping aside a few years back. He’s been a mainstay in running this group and was also Trustee of the club call, W4UCJ for many years.

Congratulations Sir!…we really appreciate your dedication to maintaining this group!

After reading the post below from from Billy Joe’s daughter Anne, I realized I had a photo from back then, with her and her brother sending their Christmas List via radio as she mentions. How do I know this?…note the Christmas tree on the left….

An article about this also appeared in the Amateur Radio Newsline July 6 issue, text version here, and audio version here. You’ll have to scroll down the text version or listen to most of the MP3 to get to the material about Billy Joe.



President Emeritus W4ZDP — 3 Comments

  1. Such a wonderful contribution to Ham Radio.
    Nice to see the fruit come to fruition.
    Best of Luck and God Bless.
    Terry Webb, N0TW

  2. Thank you for honoring my Daddy in such a special way. It means so much to him and to all of us who love him. My childhood memories include endless Ham radio sessions. W4ZDP is forever embedded in my heart. I can close my eyes and hear my Daddy clarifying his call…W4 Zebra, David, Peter. Why Ham radio was even the method Santa used every year of my childhood to contact me, get my list, and remind me that he knew I was being a good girl!

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