W4UCJ Field Day 2012 Logs Submitted

Last Friday July 6 I was able to finish compling all the bonus material and submit the W4UCJ and KJ4NGB (GOTA station) logs to the ARRL by snail mail. We had already submitted a summary of the scoring through the b4h.net web app but documentation of all the bonus material and contacts made must be submitted to ARRL direct.

Scoring: First the bonus points which amounted to 1450 bonus points out of 1650 available to us. We missed only the satellite qso (KK4FGM  tried hard on that one) and the 10 originated radiogram messages, which KE4FGF had ready to go Sunday am but the early teardown due to TS Debbie prevented them being sent. Maybe next year we’ll get the clean sweep for all the bonuses. We had great participation and thanks to KA4KOE we were able to document a dual purpose bonus with Natural Power QSOs provided by five young hams who also gave us a 100 point Youth Participation bonus simultaneously.

QSO points amounted to 2970. From the comm trailer the CW station led the charge (thanks N0TW and AD4E). Phone station captains KA4KOE and KI4PZS held the fort inside the EOC, with KE4URL handling the Digital chores.  KJ4NBG kept the GOTA station working.

So the total of Bonus Points and QSO Points adds up to 4420 points.

We had around 90 total participants, 16 in the Youth category, and lots of great food courtesy of WK4WK and WD4CJI, and the multitude who brought sides and desserts kept the operators well fed.

Virgil, KJ4ZNK, did a bang-up job of publicity, keeping track of the individual lists needed to document some of the bonuses, the info table, taking lots of pictures, and providing a warm welcome to newcomers.

Of course many others pitched in to help for various functions and tasks, I’m bound to miss someone who contributed if I try to list everyone so don’t take any omissions personally. Feel free to comment at the bottom of this post if you want to add to the list or give special thanks to someone.

Are you ready for next year? Field Day 2013 is only 11 1/2 months away!

- NY4D



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