New Madison repeater

The new Lee, Florida repeater is on the air and beginning Sunday, July 22, 2012 we will be using that repeater for our regular ARES Sunday night net. 
The repeater is on 145.19 MHz., minus offset, and a tone of 123.0 hz.
The antenna for the repeater is located on the water tower behind the Lee, Florida town hall building.  Footprint testing shows we have coverage on I-10 from the Jefferson County line east to almost Live Oak depending on time of day and band conditions.  Dowling Park is covered as is Madison, Cherry Lake, Pinetta, Greenville, and most of western Suwannee County. 
The weakest area is to the northeast, toward Valdosta and Jasper.  The antenna is up at about 130 feet and the repeater is a Motorola 5000 provided by Madison County.  It was surplused because it will not go narrow band and four of these repeaters were replaced with new equipment and Madison ARES benefited.
A lot of hard work went in to this repeater project and I want to thank Jim, W4FAO and Jr, KC4VPJ for all that they did to make this happen.  A big “thank you” also goes to Scott Haner, KB0Y, for modifying the repeater so that it would work below 146 mc. 
And a special thank you to the the Lee, Florida Town Council, who gave us permission to put the antenna on the water tower.
I hope everyone will try to check in to our net at 9pm on Sunday to further determine our range.
Pat, K4NRD,
EC – Madison County,
North Florida ARES


New Madison repeater — 4 Comments

  1. I added it above, but the machine is on 145.19 Mhz, with minus offset and a 123.0 hz. tone.

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