New Antennas for Grady ARES

The Grady County ARES Group has completed the installation of five Arrow OSJ 146/440 Dual-band J-pole antennas on five of the Grady County VFD Stations.  These will be used by Hams who are deployed in the event of a severe weather event or disasters of any kind, to help in the event Grady County VFD loses their communications.

The five stations are spread out to make sure the County is pretty well covered. The five stations are:

1)    Station #2-  Cairo at 03 17th Ave NW (Headquarters)

2)    Station #5-  Reno at 4458 GA Hwy 111 South

3)    Station # 6- Pine Park at 4049 Pine Park Road

4)    Station # 7- Whigham at 118 North McGriff St.

5)    Station # 8- Pine Level at 2660 GA Hwy 112

I would like to thank Virgil Castleberry, KJ4ZNK; Mike Brown, KE4FGF; and Kerry Lemley, AI4CW for their help with this project.

Special thanks also go to Richard Phillips, who is one of the Grady County Firefighters, with all he has done.  Without him there would be no antennas put up.  He did most of the manual labor.  Also thanks to Mr. Wayne Hadden, the Fire Chief, for his support with the project as well as a thank you to the five station Chiefs who lent their support for the installation to happen.

This was done for under $500.00 for all five stations.  Way to go Grady County ARES team, and Richard Phillips, GCVFD!!!

More info to follow in the TARC News Letter.

Steve Williams, KJ4UKR
Grady County Emergency Coordinator

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