Weather Classes coming soon!

Hello Everyone,

The National Weather Service in Tallahassee is pleased to announce our fall storm spotter training schedule. These training sessions, delivered in an online webinar format, are designed to give participants the flexibility to attend spotter sessions while comfortably at home without having to travel long distances. This fall, based on participant interest, our plan is to hold two basic spotter courses and one advanced course. If there is significant participant interest, additional courses will likely be scheduled.

We would appreciate your help in advertising these courses to folks in your county as well as to individuals within your organization that would benefit from the training.

The basic spotter course is recommended for any first responder, emergency manager, or general weather enthusiast. The training material is appropriate for ages 10 and up. This course lasts about 90 minutes.

The advanced spotter course is designed for individuals who want to learn more in depth about severe storm dynamics as well as basic radar interpretation. This course may only be appropriate for those who have a significant interest in the weather. This course also lasts about 90 minutes.

We do ask participants to pre-register for the online courses. You can register for the course at the links listed below. You will need an internet connection and separate phone line to receive audio and video. If you plan to participate with your family or other large group, only one registration is needed for your group.

If you have any questions about the spotter classes or the material presented, please let me know.

Kelly G. Godsey
General Forecaster/Assistant WCM
National Weather Service
Tallahassee, Florida 

Course Registration Schedule:

Basic Spotter Course – Tuesday, September 18th at 7 pm ET (6 pm CT)

Visit this link to register:

Basic Spotter Course – Tuesday, October 9th at 7 pm ET (6 pm CT)

Visit this link to register:

Advanced Spotter Course – Tuesday, October 23rd at 7 pm (6 pm CT)

Visit this link to register:


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  1. If you have an interest in weather and you would like to become a Storm Spotter for the National Weather Service this is the class for you. New spotters should take the basic course first and if you have a genuine interest in weather you should consider the advanced course as well. It is always good for experienced spotters to take the course as a refresher periodically as well.

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