Grady ARES helps with POD

I would like to thank the following people for their help with the Public Health event in Grady County on the afternoon of the 23rd. 

Radio traffic was at a minimum due to this being a real event as well as an exercise for all departments of both the City of Cairo and Grady County.

All  county government departments were stationed close together at the Incident Command Center, which was the Farmers Market in Cairo 

The following stations helped us by checking in to the net;


KW4EF–Thomas County E.O.C.

KJ4ZNK–Grady County E.O.C.

KE4RWR–Check in

KF4WF–Check in from Calvary 

Thanks to all once again who helped. 

73, Steve, KJ4UKR, Grady EC

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